The Macbook Pro 13 Without Touchbar 2017 Review


The latest MacBook Pro 13 retains what makes Apple’s pro notebooks great, it also however preserves the laptop’s few flaws. The Pro’s limited port selection makes it hard to get work done without a bunch of different dongles, But if you’re looking for the snappiest, most feature-rich MacBook out there, this is it!


A Great performance Laptop!


Sleek design: The MacBook Pro’s sleek aluminum chassis is extremely portable at just 4 pounds, but still feels sturdy and well built. The signature Space Gray color is a classy dark shade, though there’s also a nice-looking Silver option for those who prefer lighter shades. However, the MacBook Pro’s slimness comes at the cost of some convenience. The notebook’s port selection is made up entirely of two USB-C ports (as well as a headphone jack), which future-proofs it for the upcoming accessories but makes using just about anything else a pain.


Great Value (for a Mac): Living the student life, If you want an Apple laptop, and you don’t want to spend at least $2,249 for a 15-inch MacBook Pro, the 13 inch Macbook Pro is your go to!  The entry-level Air carries a $1249 MSRP


Display: The Retina display is predictably beautiful! On-screen text looked thick and handwritten. The laptop has a 13 inch backlit Retina display and yes, it looks amazing as we’ve come to expect from Apple.

It boasts 220 pixels per inch with an often blinding 500 nits brightness and a P3 wide colour gamut. Viewing angles are outstanding and there is zero light bleed from any corner or edge.

Battery Life: Students need a laptop they can carry around campus all day long, without needing to recharge. WIth the 13-inch MacBook Pro’s impressive endurance, you can leave your charger at home. The laptop lasts a good 10 hours which involves continuous surfing over Wi-Fi.

Thin and Light Form Factor: While the MacBook 12-inch and some PC notebooks are even sleeker, the MacBook Pro is still one of the more portable notebooks on the market. When you have to fit your laptop into a backpack that’s filled with heavy books, you don’t want it weighing you down.


One other thing that could be beneficial to pro users is USB-C with Thunderbolt 3. Two ports in the case of the non-Touch Bar 13-inch models, four in the case of the Touch Bar 13-inch and 15-inch models.

For everyone else this may be a bit of a hindrance because currently not many devices have USB-C with Thunderbolt 3, while existing devices that use older USB standards will require an adaptor.

Our Verdict!

The MacBook Pro is a great choice for school, as long as you’re willing to tolerate its trade-offs. And you do get a lot more in terms of specs from the 13-inch MacBook Pro and we think that makes the machine better value for money than the MacBook.

If you are a user who needs a decent amount of power but you are baulking at the price of the 15-inch MacBook Pro the 13-inch model may well suffice, and if you need a bigger screen you can just plug it into a separate display. But if you are a creative pro looking for a powerful machine to match your graphics needs you aren’t going to find what you want in the 13-inch MacBook Pro.



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